Multi user capability

ReactGrid supports multiple users operations on the same sheet simultaneously

Fill handle

Clone cell data and its properties with fill handle like in other spreadsheets

Spreadsheet-like look and feel

Interract with the grid in a well-known way with your keyboard

Area selection/multiselection

Choose multiple areas of choice in any way you like

Column Resize

Modify the width of each column with drag&drop capability

Column reordering

Select columns, drag them and drop at the desired destination

Row reordering

Select rows, drag them and drop at the desired destination

Sticky columns and rows

You're able to lock specific rows or columns so that they are always visible when scrolling

Copy, cut, paste

Let users copy/cut/paste data inside the grid and apply changes, then move the data back to where it was taken from

Group Id

Apply changes to specyfic cells on pasting data and executing fill handle action

Context menu

Use our built-in context menu or replace it with third party component

Optimized for Touch devices

ReactGrid is adapted for usage on touch devices

SASS styling

Feel free to customly style each element of grid using SASS

Custom cell templates

Add your own custom cell (custom cell behaviors, styles, data formatting and validating)

Cross-browser support

ReactGrid performs efficiently in all modern browsers

Tree data

You can easily display data that has parent/child relationships