GroupCell template

GroupCell contains data about a single node in the tree structure of the data. This cell template renders text with the preceding chevron.

Implementation of grouping functionality remains on developer (e.g., creating tree structure of cells, filtering rows available to display, creating indents).


  • Open GroupCell implementation on github

Interface declaration

interface GroupCell extends Cell {
    type: 'group';
    text: string;
    isExpanded?: boolean;
    hasChildren?: boolean;
    parentId?: Id;
    indent?: number;
Property nameTypeProperty description
typegroupType of cell template
textstringText of cell content
isExpanded?booleanIs node expaned (displays chevron char as opened/closed)
hasChildren?booleanDetermines if a node element has children
parentId? Id Id of parent node (cell), if undefined the node becomes a root
indent?numberIndent size of cell content