Group Id

What is group id?

ReactGrid introduces a brand new feature called group Id. The main purpose of it is to avoid queueing changes
by marking cells on groupId property using Id interface.

Marked cell with a groupId has a following behavior. While you paste data or execute fill handle action: the change will be queued only for a cell with the same groupId. If the change can’t be queued, then you will be warned in browser’s console. Even if no cell is marked, then they are treated as a separate group.

Every cell with declared groupId renders with additional span element (containing its value) inside a cell if you have passed enableGroupIdRender property:


groupId property is available in every cell template because it’s provided by Cell interface.

Live example

An example shows that a few cells were marked with group: A or group: B group Id. Try and select any range and then copy and paste or use fill handle to clone data.