Focus management

Focus locations

ReactGrid has two properties related to focus location inside the grid via ReactGrid:

  1. focusLocation

  2. initialFocusLocation

initialFocusLocation property

You can set focus location at the first render of ReactGrid. Then this property is used no more.

    initialFocusLocation={{ columnId: 'col-2', rowId: 'row-2' }}/>

focusLocation property

  1. Defining focusLocation property is superior to pointer and keyboard actions, so you have to manage it all over time.

  2. If focusLocation property has falsy value then it is ignored.

  3. Defined initialFocusLocation is immediately overridden by focusLocation

    initialFocusLocation={{ columnId: 'col-3', rowId: 'row-3' }}    focusLocation={{ columnId: 'col-2', rowId: 'row-2' }}/>