Frequently asked question

Why don’t you provide a ready to use DataTable component?

This is actually a feature! We want to give you the freedom of how you want to generate the cell matrix and how you want to react to data changes. Feel free to use our tutorial example to implement your own DataTable component.

Why rows property contains an array of cells?

Our experience also shows that it does not matter even when:

  • it is the column property that would contain the cell array instead of rows

  • cells would be in a one-dimensional array

Rows property contains an array of cells because it conforms to the previously known models in the form of columns and rows.

Is row resize implemented yet?

At this moment it isn’t possible, the only way to change row height is by defining its height, see the Row interface.

How to identify the clicked cell?

ReactGrid has an onFocusLocationChanging callback function. This function is called every time the focus tries to change its location. This callback provides location ( CellLocation ) parameter.

Is it possible to identify a cell using a unique ID?

Of course, it’s possible, but our approach is different from what you probably see in other products. Here we don’t use commands like: getCell({column: 'A', row: 6}).setValue(0). Our task is to display a given cell-matrix and notify about changes. Then you are able to process this change or ignore it.

What alternatives do I have?

There are plenty of nice products out there which also integrate well with React. Here a short and certainly incomplete list in no particular order:

  1. agGrid

  2. Handsontable

  3. Kendo UI (DataGrid or Spreadsheet)

  4. DevExtreme

  5. Bryntum

  6. dhtmlxSpreadsheet