CellStyle interface

CellStyle styles single cell and prevents passing unwanted CSS properties that could break down view rendering. This interface uses also a BorderProps to style particular cells border edge.


interface CellStyle {
    readonly color?: string;
    readonly background?: string;
    readonly overflow?: string;
    readonly paddingLeft?: string;
    readonly border?: {
        readonly left?: BorderProps;
        readonly top?: BorderProps;
        readonly right?: BorderProps;
        readonly bottom?: BorderProps;

interface BorderProps {
    readonly color?: string;
    readonly style?: string;
    readonly width?: string;


CellStyle interface properties.

Property nameTypeProperty description
color?stringCSS color property
background?stringCSS background property
overflow?stringCSS overflow property
paddingLeft?stringCSS padding-left property
border?{ left?: BorderProps; top?: BorderProps; right?: BorderProps; bottom?: BorderProps; }Object that contains all cell’s borders properties

BorderProps interface properties. By default, cell has only right and bottom border, except cells on panes edges. If you want to style cell border properly, it’s important to declare all properties: color, style, width.

Property nameTypeProperty description
color?stringColor of border - e.g. #eee/red
style?stringStyle of border - e.g. dotted/solid
width?stringWidth of border - e.g. 2px